Another year to spend

Another year to spend.

To celebrate anniversaries. To party hard on birthdays or just stay inside on your own. To worry how old you have become. To reminisce the good old days. To drown yourself in the warmth of nostalgia. Another year to set really high expectations and see it crumble to pieces. To plan for a holiday but cancel later due to work. Another year to bitch about your boss. To think of changing jobs. To make compromises. Another year to be scared of the future. To be hopeful. Another year to make bad decisions. And some good ones too. To learn a new thing about yourself. To draw new boundaries. Another year to watch shitty films and some great ones. To binge watch TV shows. To watch Game of thrones and Sherlock. To worry how you wasted your weekend. A new year to go on days without bathing, without working and without motivation. Then one fine day waking up early, taking bath, getting some work done and starting afresh.

Another year to spend.

Another year to worry about your finances. To skip breakfasts or to have some really heavy ones. To not wanting to get out of bed and face something. And then facing it. To say wrong things at the wrong time. To get some things right too. Another year to learn guitar or swimming or a new language. Another year to lose your keys. To get bitten by mosquitoes and bedbugs. To complain how hot or cold it is outside. A year to read those books. Another year to be nervous talking to someone. Or to know that you don’t want to stop talking to someone. Another year to hurt someone and then say sorry. To help someone. To make someone’s day. To make a difference. To be with your friends. To talk to them and forget about everything else. To laugh and smile. To LOL and ROFL. Another year to drink through the night or keep telling that you don’t drink. A new year to have moments where you wish that everything would just stop and the time freeze and you stay right there in that moment, forever.

Another year to spend.

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