My Kindle

My Kindle

I never liked reading a book from a computer or a mobile or any other electronic device. I never liked ebooks in the first place. I always believed that nothing can replace books, until now. Last month I bought a Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. And I am simply amazed.

Kindle Paperwhite is an interesting product. It can entice both – a gadget freak and a book lover. First of all, it is soothing to eyes. With e-ink technology and with a built in light with does not shine directly towards the eyes, you can actually fall asleep while reading! The touch screen has some kind of texture which makes you feel like you are touching a real paper. It also has wifi, so you can download books directly to your Kindle. And the battery lasts for weeks with a single charge.

Advantages over a book:

–    Lightweight, easy to carry.

–    In-built dictionary (I use this a lot).

–    Saves space. They say it can hold upto 1100 books.

But still:

–    I miss smelling the pages of the book. I miss fiddling with the corners of pages. I miss that feel of book in my hands.

–    Availability of ebooks. Sometimes it’s hard to find that one book you always wanted to read.

And you can only use this for reading. You can’t watch videos or listen to music. I think that is actually great. Less distraction!

Kindle Paperwhite is my most precious possession. I still read the good old books though. Whether it is a book or a Kindle, finally what matters is the joy of reading.


  1. I love reading, and I have two Kindles (a Kindle Touch and a Kindle Fire HD), but I still love printed books (is a great feeling to hold a book in your hands). One of the reasons why I started a Blog was because of my love for books, and also because I enjoy writing book reviews.

  2. I am tempted. Mainly to save space and weight when I travel, as I often get through a book a week. But some how I am still finding it hard to give up the traditional book.

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