Do you like the rains too?

In school, whenever our teacher told us to write about our favourite season of the year, I always used to write about rainy season. Not because it was my favourite. It was because; you get a lot of points to write about it. And most of my friends also write about rainy season, so you have lots of references! But my favourite season is summer. Summer has lots of holidays and you can play cricket anytime. Rainy season always reminded me of the schools reopening after holidays and no outdoor games. But times change, people change. I still hate rainy season. But when you are walking on the road and suddenly out of nowhere it starts raining, I just cannot help but appreciating its beauty and the strange sense of happiness it brings along.

It’s been quite a long time since I have got fully drenched in the rain (intentionally or otherwise), with no worries about catching cold the next day. I have these fond memories of having paper boat races. We used to run behind those boats to save them before they drown. We even used to colour the boats with crayons, so that the wax from the crayons keep the paper dry and the boats stay longer on water!

Watching it rain, by the window of your room is an awesome experience. The colour of the leaves is accentuated, almost as if it’s photoshopped. It gets better if you have a good book to read or a have a plate of hot maggi noodles to eat. The constant sound of the rain feels like a melodious song. Often the silence, due to power cuts, amplifies the song and it becomes almost like an addiction. It brings peace. Rain romanticizes everything. When it stops raining, you feel a strange kind of emptiness creeping inside you, like something is missing.

Rain breaks your routine. It makes you do something different that moment. It opens up your mind to new possibilities. It makes you write this post.

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