My latest obsession: Swiss Army Knives

No doubt National Geographic channel is the best channel ever. And one of the best shows is Megafactories (that awesome show which gives us a peek inside those huge factories and answers so many questions about how things are made). Recently this show had featured Victorinox Swiss army knives. From that moment on, I became a big fan of Swiss army knives.

First thing I noticed is – they are so cool!. With all those  shiny red coloured handles, polished razor sharp blades and those numerous other tools such as screwdrivers, bottle openers, etc. It is a bit expensive. But I would give anything to own one of these.

And nowadays you can get anything online. So I searched, and it was in stock! I ordered a Spartan Swiss army knife which was among the cheapest(but it still cost me Rs. 900). From then on every minute I was tracking my order. Its journey started from New Delhi. After two days it came to Bangalore. And finally to Mangalore. I waited that whole day for the call from that delivery guy. But it never came. At night when I tracked the order it read- ’Undelivered as customer was not available’. Hey, I was right here all day long! I called the customer care. They told that I will receive it tomorrow. Finally after three sleepless nights and a lot of waiting , my knife arrived the following day.

It was a beauty. The bright red shiny handle with the classic Victorinox cross logo, the soft click sound the blades made when it was opened and closed, everything about it spoke volumes about its craftsmanship and class. I don’t know if I will use it more often, but I think every guy should have one of these.

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