What we will miss and what we will not

What makes college life, memorable? It’s not the well maintained lawn or the occasionally sprinkling fountains. It’s neither the tall buildings nor the fancy elevators or the high end classrooms. What makes it memorable is… your friends, the people you are with. Hence, I am going to miss my college very much.

It’s so cliché to say that the four years went so fast. But it is cliché for a reason. It feels like just few days back we were meeting for the first time in computer aided engineering drawings lab. From CAED lab to microwave lab, it’s been a fantastic and fulfilling journey; in spite of the fact that many lab outputs never graced us with their presence and I have to draw something in the Smith chart for the next microwave lab. Thank God! , in few days it will be the end of it.

Life’s lessons are not learnt in classrooms. It’s true, only partially. You learn a great deal in classrooms other than academics too. We learn to be wary of people who keep chatting with you throughout the class, but when test results come, they are the toppers while you score pathetically! Also be cautious of the guys who are so skilled in their art that they never get caught for anything. It is always the guy sitting next to them who bears the brunt! And then there are teachers, extremely cool and friendly with students but big knuckleheads who show unexpected and shocking reactions under stress. One rule: Never take them for granted. And then there are teachers who are strict but very friendly outside the class and do some awesome teaching. You always wanted to do something but never had the time. It may be completing a novel or watching a film, you can always do it during the tests and exams. Because you have lots of time at your disposal (in fact the idea of starting this blog came to me during one of my semester end exams).

It was fun to form the class cricket team, registering for the college tournament with full enthusiasm and confidence, but loosing the match pathetically (nobody speaks of it till now!). I’ll miss my friends who drink all my water but never care to fill the bottle. I’ll miss those friends who doze off in a very ‘professional’ manner and in various styles. Sometimes I myself can’t make out, sitting beside them, if they are sleeping or not. I may never get irritated by all those unreturned practical records, pens, pencils, erasers etc. Watching cricket matches in hostel (especially during the World Cup time) was no lesser than celebrating Diwali at home. And checking out the girls who come to make announcements in the class; why they look so extra attractive? God only knows.

I now want to feel, experience and absorb every moment. Only few weeks are remaining. Then it’s either job or higher studies. Who knows where the future will take us. We may be in contact virtually but not physically. Nowadays I am always looking for opportunities to be with friends, to laugh with them, a little longer.

It hurts a little when you realize it’s all coming to an end. But now it gets more interesting. To become what we always wanted to be, to make our dreams comes true. To make a living. To make life worth living. A friend of mine keeps complaining that why the world has to end in 2012 after we finish engineering, why not before? Well, I got nothing to say.

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