Ways to kill time in a bus

It is one and a half hour journey from my hostel to the company where i am doing my  internship. Actually, it is just 40 min. But thanks to the traffic, I have 90 min to kill, in bus.

I see lots of people listening to music while commuting. I love music. But I don’t like to listen it through headphones. My father always keep saying that I will have hearing problems later. Then there are some who read books. That’s a fantastic idea. I too started reading in bus, but then I am lazy person. I got tired of carrying those books.

Then there were people who slept. Excellent! I too started sleeping. But what about those days when you cannot sleep…? You just keep staring out of the window, with all those crazy thoughts and philosophies dancing in your head…!

So I am back to square one. Listening to music is the best idea. And that’s what i am doing  nowadays while commuting. But the search for new activities is on!

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